Explore Jewish themes, metaphors, texts, melodies and meditations as they resonate and find expression through Yoga practices.

The mission of the Jewish Yoga School is to establish a vibrant, welcoming and inspiring sanctuary for spiritual growth through Jewish yoga and meditation. Yoga’s tradition and roots are founded and inspired by Far Eastern philosophy. Using vocabulary and teachings inspired by Jewish tradition, opportunities to connect to Jewish roots, identity and community are strengthened.   

Alongside Rabbi Tara Feldman of Temple Beth El of Great Neck, inspiration is drawn from a wide range of sources and texts: morning and evening prayers, the weekly parasha  (Torah reading), Mussar texts, Pirke Avot, and holiday themes.   Through integrating the awareness of body postures and breathing practices, we seek to create a new pathway for an enlivened and engaged Jewish prayer experience.

Offering weekly classes, seminars, trainings, retreats and networking opportunities. 


“Sharon is fabulous.  A happy contemplative mood is set by the different selection of lovely Jewish and secular music she chooses for each class. Her directions are always clear and she knows exactly when her gentle tug or push will make our poses feel better. The Jewish component definitely enhances the yoga experience for me.  Each class begins with a short reading or prayer, setting the theme for that day’s practice. “
—Sandie A. 

“I loved the jumping off point of this training. It really brought together two things that I have a lot of history and passion around, Judaism + Yoga.  My soul felt yoked – integrated in a new way!”
—Jill E.

“(the training) was a great morning.  I thought it was geared it to a very diverse range of students.  I really appreciated the binder and work that went into it. I am looking forward to using some of the new music that was introduced me to. I enjoyed being in a break-out group with other yoga teachers.  Thank you for doing this program.”
—Rabbi Susie M.

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