As we age on a physical level, muscle mass is reduced, our balance may be compromised and our joints may stiffen. Careful and mindful stretching, resistance training with bands and weights strengthen muscles, build bone mass and keep the body flexible. This is important for all adults; it is essential for older adults.

Exercise is a “fountain of youth.” Compare a 65 year-old person who exercises regularly and eats a healthy diet with a sedentary one. Their appearance, energy level and health differences can be significant.

Exercising in a group increases the social needs of older adults who may face issues of isolation or loneliness.  Exercising to music creates a rhythmic structure and brings a feeling of joy and increases mood.  Exercise can and should be enjoyable and fun.

My top suggestions for cultivating good health, wellness and longevity.

  • Exercise for body and mind
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Eat green, eat clean
  • Establish sleep hygiene
  • Spend time in nature
  • Socialize and develop loving relationships
  • Seek out fun
  • Live with purpose and meaning


“After going to my rheumatologist, I told her my sciatica pain was better and I credit Sharon’s classes to this improvement."
—Susan W.

“I never enjoyed exercise classes until now. Coming into Sharon's classes, listening to the very carefully selected music, seeing Sharon's smile and the concern and enthusiasm she has for the member's safety is a compliment to her professionalism. She's patient, always ready to answer questions, always giving us little tips on how to breath, reminding us about our posture and how certain little things are so important to help improve our well being. Her concern is a true reflection of her caring and she makes exercising fun! I have never been to one of Sharon's classes without hearing, "she really is the best" or " I wish she had more classes." Sharon has a way of making everyone (no matter how large her classes may be) feel important.”  
—Barbara S.

“Taking Sharon’s class has been motivating, productive and creative.
Creative with the music she inspires us with, motivating in that I am always looking forward to coming back for more and productive in that after the class I can go through the rest of my day with increased energy.” 
—Meryl G.