Meeting your scheduling needs, receive personalized support to address your specific interests and goals.

Private Yoga:

Private yoga is perfect for individuals, couples, families and small groups looking for customized sessions focused on specific needs, interests and abilities. In private sessions a more personalized approach is the focus of the relationship.  In this working relationship you are lead, but also listened to where you may need to go.

At your home:

  • 45 minutes - $90
  • 60 minutes - $120
  • At studio add a $25 space rental fee.


“Several years ago when I started practicing yoga with Sharon, I thought the private lessons would last a few months, my goal being to learn enough about yoga so that I could start attending classes.  I soon learned that yoga is not about the poses.  My hour with Sharon is one of the highlights of my week.  It is a gift I give myself.  She customizes the session to accommodate how I am feeling both emotionally and physically.  At the end of the hour, I am both energized and relaxed.  Sharon is a gifted teacher.  I am grateful for her patience, encouragement and calm and for teaching me how to breathe, how to be present and how to nurture my spiritual and physical self. “
–Nina K.

“Today’s session made me stretch (push myself) more than usual but with excellent results. I am more alert and invigorated then I have been in awhile. Thanks for being so good at what you do.” 
—John R.


Be motivated within a community of like-minded people.

Group Yoga:

In a group setting, be inspired and meet other like-minded students. Class focuses on learning yoga postures and sequences to build stamina, strength, flexibility and body awareness leading to deeper concentration and meditation practices.


“I found Sharon’s classes and I was thrilled from the very first day with her as teacher. She’s a great instructor with extensive knowledge.  She helps you to find the right position if you’re struggling or lets you know if there is an easier alternative. The calm music she plays in very pleasant -the whole atmosphere is relaxing though the exercises can be very challenging.  After class, I always felt like newly born!” 
—Kristin A.

“Sharon is a highly skilled and professional yoga instructor.  She has an innate ability to tune ­­in to exactly where you’re at and support you to gently challenge yourself to evolve mind, body and soul.  Her compassionate style of teaching makes you feel welcome, peaceful and strong.  It is a true delight to be part of her classes.”
–Melody P.

Group Class Fees range depending upon class location.